Management Theories and Theorists Research Assignment

This assignment consists of developing a paper based on theorists foundational concepts studied. The theories learned in this course will be tools to help you examine, inspect, and interpret the information you hear and read about management practices in your career. It will include:

  • A biography of a theorist in reference and the importance of this persons work in reference to the discipline of management. Do not put the life history of the theorist in your paper. Put relevant information about the theorist as it relates to his/her work with the theory. It should not include a lot of personal facts that are not pertinent to the persons theory.
  • Key ideas & basic assumptions related to the theorists ideologies (beliefs of the theorist and recommended practices). Important terms must be defined and limitations of the theories discussed.
  • Two examples of how one might see each of the theories in action in business or the management environment. You may wish to include data, visual, or illustrated material to support the integration of the theory in management.
  • A discuss of how the theory applies to management practices.

This assignment must have evidence of reference to a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles or books-either textbook or the theorist as primary author) cited in a reference list at the end of the document. Online sources may be used in addition to the scholarly references. It is your explanation and discussion within the document that demonstrate your research and understandings.

The paper is to be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors and follows APA guidelines: includes a title page, introduction, body of the paper, a conclusion and a reference page. References are correctly formatted in APA style.

The written report will be double-spaced, 12 Font, 1 margins.