Mars Geology

Mars and Earth have some geological features in common and some that seem very different. But some principles hold in both place. One is the principal of superposition, new events that change the surface happen on top of older events. An example would be a crater that is perhaps several billion years old, but has something taht looks like a stream bed superimposed on it. Whatever caused the feature that looked like a stream bed must have happened more recently, so that we can get relative dating of when things happened on the surface. On Earth many features are quickly obscured by more recent ones, such as wind and water erosion and the cover of vegetation. Earth in most places has a newer surface, more recently changed than Mars though both have surfaces of varying ages.

This is your chance to explore what kinds of features you might see on Mars. Who knows, we may see them through the eyes of human explorers during your lifetime, nice to have an idea beforehand of what is out there!

What will you find on the surface of Mars? What does the surface look like? The tutorial here will give you some idea, and the other links may also help as you think about what the surface of Mars is like.


  • Tutorial:
  • Read the introductory information. In this lab it is particularly important that you go through the Tutorial before doing the experiment. Follow instructions in the report document. Enter your responses into purple “Click or tap here to enter text” fields. You will be instructed to use Excel simulator. In the end, once you completed the assignment.

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