Making a voice record math video

One effective method to develop a deeper comprehension of a subject or concept is to explain or teach that topic to someone else.

you will develop a short (5 minutes or less) video that covers the concepts of the math problem. A high-quality video will contain all of the following:

· Introduction of a concept or module objective.

· Summary of the concept/objective  in your own words.

· An example to illustrate the concept/objective.

If you presenting and it has many technical steps, it may be better to take the "cooking show" approach of stating what needs to happen, then having the messy calculations already done so you can move to the next step quickly. It is important to keep the video short!


· Began your topic with: “this is what we learnt in Module 2 objective 10 – Analyze faulty work to find errors.

Objective 10 is highlighted below

Module 2 Objectives

Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

1. Perform arithmetic computations on rational expressions. (LO1) 

2. Solving linear equations in one variable. (LO2)

3. Recognize identities, conditional equations, and inconsistent equations. (LO2)

4. Solve applied problems using mathematical models. (LO9)

5. Use linear equations to solve problems.

6. Solve a formula for a variable.

7. Use arithmetic operations to simplify complex numbers.

8. Perform operations with square roots of negative numbers.

9. Identify equations and complex numbers.

10. Analyze faulty work to find errors.

Note: Describe what is on the notebook paper step by step

Thank you!