ERIN BROCKOVICH VIDEO CASE ANALYSIS (Due Sunday 3/31 via Blackboard)

  • Watch the movie Erin Brockovich. You need to find the movie and watch the entire movie on your own. It should be on Netflix or YouTube.


1) How would you describe the leadership values and leadership vision of Erin Brockovich?

2) Which of the 6 leadership styles and 18 emotional intelligence competencies are demonstrated by Erin?

3) In what ways did Erin use power and influence to challenge the status quo and create change? What were her sources of power? What influence tactics did she use?

4) Describe an ethical dilemma facing Erin and the ethical perspective(s) she took to address the dilemma.

5) Assess Erins strategic communication competency through one topic covered in the strategic communication class material (ex. listening, inquiry, feedback).

  • Provide evidence only from the assigned movie, from the textbook and other class materials to support the points you make in your case analysis. For example, only reference text material and class power point material in response to the leadership topics in each question.
  • Address all questions completely, comprehensively, and with thorough justification and explanations for your responses.
  • Each case write-up should be approximately 6 double-spaced pages. I will not penalize if you go over these suggested page numbers. Everything must be in your own words.