MGT/571 Week 4 Performance Improvement Proposal

Great organizations across industries fight bureaucracy by implementing lean management strategies and explicitly structuring their leadership systems to connect leaders and teams within the organization to the daily issues of front-line employees (Hamal & Zanini, 2017). Your role as an operations manager is to use your leadership and management competencies to improve organizational performance. In this assessment, your performance improvement skills will be demonstrated by drafting a proposal to reduce bureaucracy in your organization. 

You are assigned to lead a task force for your organization to break up bureaucracy. Choose an organization you have current or past work experience with or one with which you are familiar.

Assessment Deliverable

You must write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal with actions or strategies to reduce bureaucracy in the organization and improve organizational performance. Complete the following components in your proposal:

  • Summarize the bureaucratic issue(s).
  • Propose possible solutions that clearly involve relevant employees of the organization.
  • Propose implementation strategies for your proposed solutions that clearly involve relevant employees of the organization.
  • Recommend strategies to monitor the solutions. 
  • Explain why your proposal will be successful in improving the organizations performance. 
  • Develop a plan to communicate the progress and results of your proposal. 
  • Describe the leadership skills required to support the strategic execution of your proposal. 

Format any references according to APA guidelines.