Preparing the Discussion

Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the discussion. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

General Instructions

Mobile health, also known as mHealth, is the secure use of mobile digital wireless technologies to support health. Awareness and skillful use of mHealth applications (apps) are key to advancing health outcomes.

  • Use the table below to identify the mHealth app for this assignment based on the first letter of your first name. For example, if your first name is Gilda then yourassigned app is Medscape.

First letter of your first namemHealth app for AssignmentA-EMDCalcF-JMedscapeK-OThe Chief ComplaintP-SPocket PharmacistT-ZSingleCare

  • Use the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple iTunes App Store for Apple devices to search for the assigned medical application in the table above.
  • Download the app to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The apps are free and do not require purchase to complete this assignment.

Include the following sections:

  1. ApplicationofCourseKnowledge: Answer all questions/criteria with explanations and detail.
    1. Name of the app: Identify the name of the app.
    2. Author: Describe who created, developed, or maintains the app.
    3. Endorsement: Identify whether the app is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, another government agency, or endorsed by an academic institution or medical professional organization. Discuss the implications (or lack) of endorsement.
    4. Aesthetics: Discuss whether the information is displayed in a way that is easy to navigate. Is it easy to use? Can you use it without instructions? Explain.
    5. Purpose: Describe the intended purpose or use of the app.
    6. Clinical decision-making: Discuss the influence of the app on clinical decision-making.
    7. Safety: Is there potential for client harm? Explain.
    8. Privacy/security: Identify if the app has a privacy statement or setting. Is there a clear privacy policy stating information will be encrypted and not shared with third parties? Does the app share information on social networks? Are users notified in the event of a breach of privacy and health information? Explain.
    9. User: Explain for whom is the app intended (providers, clients, or others).
    10. Credibility: Discuss the credibility of the sources of information and how credibility is verified.
    11. Relevance: Discuss how current the information is in the app. When was the last update? Is the content consistent with evidence-based literature or best practices/standards of care? Explain.