Question B: Board members have a duty of care and a duty of loyalty to the corporation and its shareholders. Find an example by researching on the internet of a board member getting into some trouble for not paying enough attention to what the corporation was doing? Share this example with the class. Was there any mention of the business judgment rule in the article/video?

Question C: I posted several codes of conduct. Which of these do you believe does the best job in guiding an employee's behavior? Why do you think so? Which of these is the most ineffective? Why do you think so? You may find other examples if you would like to do so.

Question E: When doing the math, it is easy to see why it is standard business for most companies to outsource labor overseas to developing countries. In the Hidden Face of Globalization, a comment is made that corporations have practically done away with the cost of labor. If that is true, then what is that called? Do you agree?

in the Hidden Face of Globalization, I feel the comment made that corporations have practically done away with the cost of labor is a true statement. If you consider the cost of 84 hours of labor at $0.11/hr equates to $9.84 the cost of that laborers work week is negligible in the grand scheme of things. I would equate that to slave wages as this doesn’t fit the technical definition of either slavery or indentured servitude. Honestly, my suggestion for companies with these cost savings would be to do a market analysis and raise the wages to those equal to our minimum wage as a starting point. In our current environment with increasing awareness around living conditions and the rise in consumers supporting capitalism with a cause it would be a wise decision to invest in these developing countries and show consumers that while the labor market is favorable for cost savings that the firm is still humane and working to be leaders in providing safe and fair labor practices even when not dictated by law. This might look like providing break rooms, shorter working hours, better facilities and education for laborers.