Monthly payment for car purchasing

the Special Homework assignment:

Samuel, Rene, Hoang, Bailee, Nazgol, Lucas and Ryan are helping their fellow classmate Desmond search for a good deal regarding the purchase of a new Honda Accord automobile. After researching all the Honda dealers in this area, they have decided that they have found the best deal at Honda Cars of Rockwell, Texas.

The following is their best deal and they want to know what the monthly payment will be. The new Honda Accord is $36,250 and that includes an extended warranty, tax, title and license…(TT&L). To help reduce the cost of this purchase he will receive two discounts; one the Honda “Purchase Incentive” $500 off discount and the second is the College Student discount of $400. Jose has elected to make monthly payments for four years. He has a trade-in vehicle that will decrease his purchase cost of the new vehicle by $17,600. The Honda interest rate program is the best that he can find which is 3.9%.

All things considered Desmond is still hesitant to make the purchase. He cannot afford a monthly payment in excess of $400. John Freezer, General Manager of Honda Cars of Rockwall wants to help make Jose feel like he has the best price possible. Both Marcos and Julianna are also classmates of Desmond and they asked Mr. Freezer for anything else that can be done to make this car purchase possible. He decided to provide him an additional discount of .845% (.00845) and he rounded to the nearest dollar on the discount. Desmond supported by his research team of Samuel, Rene, Hoang, Bailee, Nazgol, Lucas and Ryan believe that this is the best deal available.

Desmond decides on this purchase but wants to know what his monthly payments will be. What is his monthly payment? (Please note the amount to the nearest penny).

Your answer must be shown as a display on your financial calculator to me (Picture). You must also show your work separately on paper and send it to me. Also need a screen shot of the app that you use to make the calculations and screen shot the answer from the app that you use to make the calculations