MUSC 423 Summary 2 Isles of Rhythm & Ties That Bind

I provided picture of the book and Readings is Floyd’s “Isles of Rhythm” & “Ties That Bind”(ch.4 pg69 and ch.5 pg87)

Select one of the prompt questions below. Use the cultural levels format, as needed in describing your examples. Length: 200-250 words

1. How did (do) rituals function in African Diaspora communities according to Floyd? Give examples.

2. How does ‘call and response’ function in African Diaspora music? What are the desired effects? Give examples.

3. What are the reasons for masking? How does it fit with African Diaspora music-making?

4. How does the influence of “the Moors in Spain” signify a “twice-told tale”?

5. Give (and describe) one example each of the cinquillo and tresillo rhythm (not mentioned in the lecture).

6. Why is capoeira considered one of the “ties that bind”.