need Literature Review for congestive heart failure

Literature Review

-conduct A thorough literature review to explore the molecular pathophysiology of the chosen disease ( heart failure ).

-Identify and analyze peer reviewed articles, research studies, and/or scholarly sources to define molecular mechanisms, genetic factors, environmental triggers, and/or immunological pathways associated with the condition.( heart failure )


-provide a detailed analysis of the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis and progression of the chosen disease. This may include genetic predisposition, dysregulation of immune responses, cellular signaling pathways, and tissue-specific effects. ( heart failure )

Clinical Correlation

correlate the identified molecular pathways with the clinical manifestations and symptoms of the chosen disease.

-Discuss how an understanding of the molecular pathophysiology can inform clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment decisions.


-Recap points discussed in paper

-Importance of understanding pathophysiology as an advanced practice nurse.


-Please include at least 3 references on its own page, within the last 5 years with included in-text citations.