NetaCad: design an enterprise Wireless Network

Everything you need to know is on the files, make sure you read them.


1. Create a wireless network using at least six Light-weight Access Points (LAPs) and a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC).

2. Set up a DHCP server and link it with WLC for dynamic IP allocation

3. Create at least three WLANs.

4. Create at least three AP Groups (at least two Groups must have two LAPs in each one).

5. Each AP group should be connected to a different WLAN.

6. Configure two different clients/end devices for each of LAPs. (For example, an AP group with two APs should have 4 clients)

7. Configure a RADIUS Server and link it to the WLC to authenticate all end users, along with WPA2 security.

8. Configure DNS service to access the WLC from a PC browser using its name.

9. Configure all devices appropriately.

10. Test your system and make sure that all devices are connected to the network with correct configurations. Troubleshoot any errors. Please note that testing and troubleshooting/corrections is part of the assignment.

on word file you are required to explain how you configured each