OPS445 Strategic Operations Case Study

Company: Famous Footwear (Caleres)

For this week, select a company, preferably your own, as the focus for your assignments. If selecting a company outside your own, research companies that have information publicly available. To further narrow down your selection, review the companys public information such as their website and annual reports, and consider whether they are frequently covered in the industry press (most industries have some form of trade magazine).

The companys leadership team has asked you to evaluate the quality of your companys overall supply chain design. Leadership wants you to assess how ready the company is to compete 35 years from now to understand if they have built the right supply chain team for future operating and regulatory environments. If not, they want to understand what is needed to build a more competitive supply chain.

Consider the following to put together a 3- to 5-slide presentation that summarizes:

  • Use the first step in the 5Rs model to identify critical gaps and opportunities (i.e., where are you versus where you need to be).
  • The competitive rules in your industry and whether they are stable or changing
  • If your company is executing rules better than your rivals, then mention the areas where you need to improve by highlighting your companys strengths and weaknesses.
  • The top 3 action items for assuring your supply chain can win in tomorrows competitive marketplace given any opportunity to change the rules to better position your company for success.