The purpose of Part 3 is to identify four (4) potential solutions to the problem you defined in Part 2.  While you may have potential solutions in mind, it is important to review and consider the literature to understand what strategies have already been attempted and the respective outcome of those attempts.  Thus, in this section, you will build on the review of literature you conducted in Part 2A with a focus on the specific problem you have chosen to investigate.  Your goal will be to compile four (4) possible solutions that you will narrow to one solution in Part 4.

For this part, you will create your literature review and a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 25 research articles related to potential solutions to your selected problem. The research articles should address a minimum of four (4) distinctly different, potential solutions.  Then, you will write a narrative synthesizing the findings from the studies you reviewed in this part and make connections to the studies you previously reviewed in Part 2.  The final product for this section will be a narrative that is a minimum of 15 full length that should include the following components: (a) synthesis of the issues, trends, concepts and gaps for each potential solution; (b) comparison of different studies highlighting similarities, differences, and connections; and (c) a summary of the findings and outcomes for each of the potential solutions you reviewed. Remember that your paragraphs should consist of five to six sentences with support of current, scholarly sources.  

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