Part III: How You’ll Get There

You have reached the final set of activities within the Career Blueprint! Think about all you’ve achieved between your first semester as a W. P. Carey student to now. How has your effort guided the direction of your career? Within this workbook, you have explored career options, reflected on your skills and strengths, and identified what you value the most in the workplace as an employee.

The purpose of the final stage of the Career Blueprint is to help you goal set at large as you head towards graduation and enter the marketplace. It is not necessary to have the dates be completed within the next few weeks, rather assist you in setting a realistic timeline of completion as you approach the end of your academic experience. Remember, youve been working on the tell me about yourself in many different ways and at various channel points, so any past, present, or future, meeting type is applicable as it is part of your journey.

Please download the file and fill the pages from 43 to 49