Phonology Morphology

Purpose: The purpose of the assignment is to find answers from the readings and reflect on what youve read and learned for the week.

Directions: This week we are focusing on phonology and morphology pp. 65 85. Read through the readings and answer the following six questions. You do not need to copy the questions. You can just answer them with the correct question number. There are specific points allocated for each question.

  1. What is the difference between vowels and consonants? (0.5)
  2. What is the difference between voiced and voiceless sounds? Give one example of a voiced sound and one example of a voiceless sound. (0.5)
  3. What is a minimal pair? Give an example of a minimal pair (Do not use examples from the reading) (0.5)
  4. Give one example of a lexical category and one example of non-lexical category. (0.5)

Reflection questions: Answer questions 5 & 6 based on your present or future interactions with ELs. They are not right or wrong answers but questions that enable you to think and share your ideas.

5. Do you think native English-speaking children have to learn how to pronounce the verb endings correctly? Or does this come naturally to them. 

6. Share any ideas/strategies/resources you would use to teach young ELs root words. (1)