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Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical project and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.


Now that you have gained more of a grasp on resume/cover letter writing, it is time for you to demonstrate application of the knowledge. Please compose a one-page resume draft using one of the pre-formatted templates in Hiration that can be found at . Be sure that your resume includes personal statement, skills, education and work experience sections. Additionally, draft a one-page cover letter using the Cover Letter Format document.


As you continue to discover your healthcare career path, it should become apparent on the importance of crafting a cover letter and resume to aid in the hiring process.

Please provide a 1-2 page reflection that addresses the following items:

  • What you did differently in the composition of your draft documents.
  • Consider what you tailored and customized.
  • The overall necessity of having a professional resume and cover letter in the healthcare field.

Ensure that you follow APA format and standards. For help with composing your reflection in APA


In no less than 500 words, share your top 2-3 Professional Strengths and Weaknesses and reflect how your strengths make you a strong candidate for positions you are interested in applying to, as well as how you are working towards improving your weaknesses. Be sure to address how you highlighted these strengths on your resume and/or cover letter drafts