Poetry Question

Since this is your first longer paper for our class, I wanted to give you a chance to hand it in in stages, so that we can be review it as you work. So instead of handing the entire paper in this week, I would like you to write the introduction and roughly the first half. To clarify, you should be handing in the first half of your paper, around 2 pages. It doesn’t have to have a conclusion yet, so don’t worry about ending it abruptly. My goal here is to make sure you are writing a proper compare and contrast paper and that you are including enough details to make your point. Please look at the paper submitted to see the outline!

You should have your outlines back from me from last week. Before you write, use my comments on the outlines to help you reorganize your thoughts if necessary. Remember to use MLA format for your papers, which means double spacing your work and using the appropriate heading on top of the first page.

Keep in mind that for this paper you have many options for discussion. You will have to choose which ones work for your choice of poem and song. You can choose to compare the personas in the poems. You can compare the figurative language such as similes and metaphors. denotation and connotation (word choice). imagery, and tone of the song and poem. We had definitely discussed enough topics that you should have plenty to choose from for this paper!

If you do use outside sources, make sure that you use in text citations and attach a quick works cited list to the back of your half paper!

Therefore: this week please hand in the first half of your Compare and Contrast Paper: A Poem and a Song.

  • Double Space
  • Make sure you have a thesis at the end of your introduction stating how the poem and the song are largely different/similar
  • Make sure you are following your compare and contrast outline that you created last week.
  • Use proper MLA headinng
  • Attach Works Cited if necessary