PowerPoint on Dietary approaches to reduce hypertension

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical presentation and need a reference to help me learn.

Topic Specified: dietary approaches to reduce hypertensionTask summary:Create a PowerPoint on Dietary approaches to reduce hypertension. Make sure the presentation has all the sections needed

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Dear Freelancer,

please create a presentation.


There is no specific requirement for the number of slides in your presentation, but remember that your presentation should be 5-6 minutes in length. It might be helpful to think about structuring your presentation as if it were a paper, with an introduction, main body of information, and then a conclusion at the end. Therefore, your presentation should contain the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Introduce yourself and give an overview of what will be in your presentation
  • Main body of your presentation (you don’t need to call it “main body”)
  • Discuss your theory, including its history (i.e., who came up with it?), it’s theoretical foundations and various components, and any outcomes that are relevant to the theory (e.g., does the theory predict something? What does the theory seek to explain? How is it meant to be used?)
  • Discuss 2-3 primary academic journal articles that utilize your chosen theory as a major component of the study (they don’t just mention the theory in their introduction, but also utilize it as a major factor in the study in some way). Explain how that theory was utilized to assist with understanding the researcher’s questions or address their hypotheses, and what their findings were.
  • Conclusions
  • Discuss how the theory can be utilized in a practical sense
  • Discuss any limitations of the theory that you have read about or discovered
  • Discuss some ideas you may have for research projects that would utilize this theory (or just components of the theory, depending on your situation and what makes sense for you)