Powerpoint slides information- Patient-Centered Medical Home Models

Make a couple slides- answering/covering the topic “Discuss standards for implementation (certification, accreditation). Refer to AHRQ website or institute of health improvement(IHI) website. Patient-Centered Medical Home Models

Look for new, specific information related to the topic of the week t You can share a personal or professional experience and how you can apply what you learned in practice. BE CREATIVE! ( add references )

Your presentation must be engaging and interactive for your classmates (so please make the slides with images and put a poll question) BE ORGANIZED- find and add an interesting and good YouTube video related to answering topic question.

also, uploaded down below is an EXAMPLE of a different topics of a full powerpoint slide but you will not be responsibly to do the whole powerpoint- just a couple slides answering the major topic question.

down below I uploaded 3 files in which we reviewed in class to help us understand to answer the topics.