Predicting the Energy Conversion Agreement (ECA) Delays in the Gulf Region

Dear Tutor,

I am seeking your expertise to compose a fresh research literature review revolving around the subject of “Predicting the Energy Conversion Agreement (ECA) Delays in the Gulf Region” This new research will specifically how can we mitigate the project delays by predicting a model that can illustrate the potential delay factors before it occur. the research will have three business cases and then other projects (up to 4 or 5 projects).

Chapter 1 Literature Review:

Provide a comprehensive summary of the existing body of knowledge on the research topic/project, covering the projects executed over the past 20 years in the gulf region.

Explicitly highlight the factors or gaps that made these projects delayed. Review the relevant literature to extract knowledge and information that will support one or more of the research/project objectives.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the research, it is essential that the literature review section does not exceed 2000 words. Furthermore, I aim to ensure zero AI detection and maintain a plagiarism level of no more than 5%.

I kindly request your assistance in writing the research proposal, adhering to the outlined points. Your expertise in rephrasing the content and structuring the proposal will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response and the opportunity to work together on this project.I also attached the introduction of my research into the attachment of this request to have better understanding of the reserach content and pupose.