Professional Resume


Can you please remake my resume into more professional? Please delete the student clinical rotation part. Also, Palace at Weston the starting date is 02/2023 not 2024 that is my current position right now. The title is Relation Nurse. You will add Va twice as an RN from 10/2022 to 01/2024 and as an LPN from 01/2017 to 10/2022. 

Also, Palace at Kendall Nursing and Rehab is going to be the first position added to resume as an LPN from 08/2008 to 01/2017. Palace and VA are going to be entered twice, so you can look at the job description for LPN at Palace at Kendall for the nursing home and rehab facility. My current position is as an RN working at a home health office, do not put part-time. I am seeking a position as an RN at a hospital on the Med Surge Tele floor per diem. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.