Proj , Network Management

Q1 ) SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) serves as a network management tool to manage and control various network components such as switches, routers, and firewalls. SNMP implementers often encounter issues and difficulties when solving problems related to SNMP network monitoring. Below are some issues SNMP implementers might face; therefore, you are asked to discus in detail how you will troubleshoot them:

  • Error message: SNMP Is Not Enabled. [0.5 marks]
  • A delay in responses to SNMP queries. Such that, a switch in the NMS does not respond to GetNext requests and generates a RESPONSE_DELAYED error message. [0.75 marks]
  • If the response for an SNMP has a noSuchName or noSuchObject error. [0.75 marks]

Q2) Build a network topology as given below using the Packet Tracer. Use the information given in the table below to configure the router and PCs. You must also do the following:

  • Write the commands used to configure the router. [1.5 marks]
  • Support your results with screenshots which show the connectivity between hosts from different networks. [1.5 marks]

Q3) Suppose you are given a task to monitor and track of network status, including routers, switches, and desktops.

  • Discuss which tools/protocols/commands you would use. [0.5 marks]
  • Execute the commands on any network that you can have (e.g., your home router, google servers). Support your work with screenshots, explaining the information shown in each screenshot. Note, the commands would differ based on used operating systems, routers, etc. [1.5 marks]

Q4) Part of a network management involves analyzing incoming and outgoing network traffic to identify any potential security threats and performance issues. Therefore, you are requested to download the Wireshark tool on your PC and complete the following tasks:

  • Capture your PCs network packets. [0.75 marks]
  • Use Wireshark’s filtering to inspect the packets. [0.75 marks]
  • Discuss the benefits of using these tasks. You can also choose to do additional tasks if you wish! Support your work with screenshots, explaining the information shown in each screenshot. [1.5 marks]

Q5) Explain why you would use a promiscuous mode in any network.