Project Management

 Part 1Strategic Planning:Case Study Overview:In conventional business and government megaprojects–such as hydroelectric dams, chemical-processing plants, or big-bang enterprise-resource-planning systems–the standard approach is to build something monolithic and customized. Such projects must be 100% complete before they can deliver benefits: Even when it’s 95% complete, a nuclear reactor is of no use. On the basis of 30 years of research and consulting on megaprojects, the author has found two factors that play a critical role in determining success or failure: replicable modularity in design and speed in iteration. The article examines those factors by looking at well-known megaprojects, both successful ones, and cautionary tales.Case Study Link

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Using the megaproject case study  answer the following:You have just read an awesome article about megaprojects and how to make them more modular.  You are new to an organization managing their Portfolio Management Office (PMO) and have several projects that you feel meet the criteria of a “megaproject”.  Given what you have learned from this article and your experience managing projects identify the following:

  1. What would be your suggested approach to managing a megaproject?
  2. What are the risks with your approach? 

Part 2Using your knowledge of stakeholders, stakeholder management, and the Megaproject case studies linked above, answer the following: 

  1. Develop a stakeholder matrix for a mega project
  2. Describe stakeholder issues that could arise when managing a megaproject. 
  3. Identify 2-3 stakeholders and their role within a megaproject.  

Assignment Requirements:

  1. The assignment is to answer the question provided above in form. 
  2. This is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough as possible.
  3. Bullet points should not be used. 
  4. The paper should be at least 1.5 – 2 pages in length.
  5. Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins
  6. Utilizing at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to project management. The textbook should also be utilized.
  7. Do not insert excess line spacing.
  8. APA formatting and citation should be used.