1.Use the assertive skills formula one time this week and share your experience on how helpful or not helpful it was for you.

2.How aware are you of your feelings, on a daily basis? Why is this important?

3.Personality disorders are especially difficult to work with in a treatment setting. Of the personality disorders described in the chapter, which ones do you believe would be the most difficult to work with?

4.As the text stated, Depression is the most common diagnosis associated with addiction. What are the steps for effective assessment and treatment for a client who has a secondary diagnosis of depression?

5.What do you believe the most challenging aspects would be for you in counseling adolescents? What would the most rewarding aspects be?

6.From your reading of this chapter, list the primary elements that treatment programs focus on to help adolescents change their perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors that revolve around addictive chemicals. Discuss strategies you would use to maximize the likelihood that working on each specific key element would be a helpful process for a client