PSY 3230: Psychological Disorders

Answer the following question in a minimum of 3 pragraphs.

Use at least 2 scholarly sources, and make sure to cite them. NO PLAGIARISM!

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This chapter deals with substance abuse. The problem of drug use is very complicated. On the one hand, we know that some people become addicted and cause untold pain & suffering to themselves, their families, and society. In addition, some new “designer” drugs can cause addiction very rapidly. On the other hand, alcohol is legal and recreational marijuana is not (except in a few states), although studies suggest that alcohol is the more dangerous drug for a number of reasons. In addition, our jails are filled with people who possessed a small amount of an illegal substance. This is costly to the society & can foster further criminal behavior (i.e. what a person learns best in prison is how to be a criminal). The question is: should drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. be legalized? If you say they should, then which ones and how should they be regulated & controlled (I’m assuming that no one wants people driving on the roads when they are high). If you say they should remain illegal, then why? Again, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers, but please give your reasons for your position.