Psychology Case study assignment

Case Study Assignment
This assignment requires students to analyze a customer service interaction case study based on scenario examples of ineffective (Video One) and effective (Video Two) interpersonal communication. To complete this assignment, watch the following two videos and analyze the scenarios with reference to the ideas and concepts learned from Chapter 8: Communication & Relationships. Answer questions A-E.

Video One: Ineffective Interpersonal Communication

Video Two: Effective Interpersonal Communication

Questions A-E:

A) Describe the scenarios in Video One and Video Two (e.g. where did it happen, what happened, who was involved, how it happened, etc). 
(5 marks; 250-500 words maximum)

B) Identify the communication styles of each character in Video One and Video Two and justify your rationale.
(5 marks; 250-500 words maximum)

C) In Video One, identify three barriers to effective communication and justify your rationale for choosing these barriers. 
(5 marks; 250-500 words maximum)

D) In Video Two, identify three successful communication strategies and justify your rational for choosing these successful strategies. 
(5 marks; 250-500 words maximum)   

E) Write a self-reflection response describing a situation where you encountered an interpersonal communication conflict. Evaluate your role and communication style. Describe the conflict. How did you handle this conflict? Did you take a passive or active role, and why? How was the conflict resolved; what strategies were used? What do you think you need to improve upon when faced with an interpersonal communication conflict? 
(5 marks, 500-750 words maximum)

**When answering all of these questions remember to make connections with the ideas and concepts learned from Chapter 8: Communication and Relationships. 
Do not use outside sources. Please only consult the textbook and any materials used in lecture/lecture slides.

**When paraphrasing and using direct quotations from the textbook, please remember to cite the textbook and include a reference/works cited list.

Ensure that this assignment meets the following criteria:
– 12-point font, Times New Roman
– APA style; include a cover page and reference list
– Microsoft Word or PDF submissions only