Psychology discussion

You may answer Part 2 questions using your own ideas and lived experiences as examples or to illustrate your points. You will strengthen your points if you refer to material presented elsewhere in the course or going beyond that material to search for more information on the internet or in journal articles.

To what degree do you think that scale is a valid measure of the construct it is designed to measure? What makes you draw that conclusion?

To what degree do you think the scale has test-retest reliability for you, personally? i.e., Do you think you would get the same score if you took the test at different times in your life or in different situations? Why?

How would you change the scale to improve it? How would your proposed changes improve the reliability and/or validity of the scale?

If no measure of this construct existed, how would you measure it?

This trait is measured by self-report (with the exception of Week 4, in which someone else reports on you). How might it be measured by other methods?

Do you think extreme scores on this scale could indicate some kind of psychopathology? What would that look like?

How do you think people develop their particular level on this trait? (Be more specific than just saying genes interacting with the environment)

To what degree do you think levels on this construct can be changed? What would it take to change them?