Public Health Question

Negotiation Case Study Analysis and Essay–This case is a negotiation simulation that allows participants to assume union and hospital roles to work toward an acceptable collective bargaining agreement. The case gives students experience in labor-management negotiations and provides basic information about win-win negotiations, while offering background information on the growth of unionization of healthcare workers and the reasons for this growth.

Each student will demonstrate application of mediation and negotiation (Competency 17) through case analysis and development of a three-page APA style (not including cover page and references) essay related to case 21: Appian Health Systems from Cases in Health Services Management, 6th edition:

1.Student will identify and discuss relevant information found within the case to
understand an organizations negotiating position and:
a. identify key stakeholders
b. list their positions for each negotiation topic

2.Student will develop a problem statement for each negotiation topic and synthesize an appropriate response to establish consensus between groups.

3.Student will develop a list of positions that are agreed upon during negotiation
a. discuss the potential for impasse in each provision
b. discuss possible remedies for each scenario.

4. Student will identify and discuss the function of mediator and the role which
impartiality plays in this function.

5. Each student will identify and discuss the differences between mediation and negotiation and how they would approach decision-making.