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Discussion 1 – Strategic HR

Strategic planning is a process that helps an organization allocate its resources to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace. Let's look at a fictitious example of strategic decision making:

ABC Corporation has an organizational objective to implement new technologies to streamline various processes. HR notices a trend toward applicants with excellent customer service skills but without the technical skills that align with this organizational goal. Given this information, HR might inform senior management of this gap in skills an offer the strategic solution to hire these candidates, but also provide them with technical training to give them the skills necessary to serve the organizational objective.


Post an example of how HR might use knowledge of external and/or internal forces to inform strategic decision making in an organization, including the following:

· Choose an external or internal force that affects HR – for example, changing demographics, globalization, technology  

· Identify an organizational goal that relates to that force.

· Identify a potential challenge related to that goal that HR may face.

· Assess the gap between the force you've chosen and the relevant organizational goal.

· Suggest an approach to bridging that gap.

· Include in-text citations to support your post.