Read description (Internship) week 8 respond

Respond to  2 students discussion using the rise Model

Due Wednesday February 28, 2024by 10:00 pm

NOTE: This is a School Counseling Course

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Reply to at least two classmates posts, applying the

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RISE Feedback:

REFLECT: I concur with “Action plans should reflect the type of services that are needed and have an idea of the expected outcome of the services” because it is in line with Hatch and Hartline’s intentional school counseling guidelines in regards to determining students needs.

INQUIRE: Can you further explain what “closing-the-gap action plans” are? 

SUGGEST: I encourage you to revisit Hatch and Hartline’s MTMDSS tier interventions in order to add a citation that would illustrate your example on bullying prevention efforts. 

ELEVATE: What if you re-purposed “For example, after a needs assessment, the school is having problems with bullying” as “Following Trish Hatch’s MTMDSS tier based interventions, if the school is having problems with bullying, after a needs assessment, we could… citation…”  for a more weighted argument?

ReferencesHatch, T., & Hartline, J. (2022). The use of data in school counseling: Hatching results (and so much more) for students, programs and the profession (2nd Ed.). Corwin.

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Classmate response 1- Amelia

What made you want to become a school counselor?

I have always held jobs where I support and help people. Originally, I wanted be a nurse and after 2 years of that I decided it was not for me. I was thankful that I was able to earn my first nursing certification in High school through what was call ROP now CTE pathways, so I didn’t spend money on that, I got my bachelor’s in health and human services and was going to continue with my MFT. I took a few classes but had to drop once I was pregnant, and I was high risk. I always said I would go back once my baby was in school. 11 years later and I went back but all my credits were no longer valid, so I had to start over. Since I have been in school settings for the past 11 years and love working with the school counselors, I have great mentors I decided that I would get my Masters in school counseling. I have learned so much about what type of school counselor I want to be during this process and hope to continue to support students and families in my school counselor role. 


Classmate Response 2- Claudia

  • How will the school counseling program facilitate a more peaceful/safe school environment? 

School counselors deliver targeted tier 1 interventions that are designed to reflect the needs of their student population. If I were working at a school site like the one I am currently experiencing my internship hours at, I would implement more whole class SEL lessons on empathy, kindness, belonging, and advocacy. Its super important that everyone in the school community is onboard with the approach and language used for building a positive school climate. At my previous school site, I implemented a behavioural management program called Kelsos Choices. The program gives students the vocabulary, approach, and process for solving problems. At the same time, it requires that students learn to identify small problems from big ones, and it teaches kids to advocate for adult support when a problem involves safety, a school rule has been violated or a person is in danger. When students learn a process to de-escalate conflict and problem solve on their own, this helps to build resiliency, independence, and confidence. If students also have adults who use the same language and problem solving skills at school and home, this helps to create a reliable and trusted safety network. Of course, this requires parent and teacher workshops to get everyone on board. At my previous school, it took about 3 years for kids and teachers to really buy-in and start using the same language, process and vocabulary to problem solve. Its not as easy getting parents to change their way of solving conflicts at home, but many of our students said that they were implementing the skills on their own at home. 

Kelsos Choice. (n.d.). Kelsos Choice.