Reasonable discussion

 scenario 1:

Jean and the husband, patrons of Archie’s BBQ, purchased a wondrous Saturday night dinner to celebrate a significant new promotion.

Leno, a fellow patron, suddenly began to choke on a chicken bone in the next booth and rolled out on the floor.

The manager of Archie’s cleared the floor and instructed Jean to tend to Leno.

Jean did nothing.

Leno died from asphyxiation.

The district attorney subsequently brings charges of manslaughter against Jean.

question: knowing our rights and duties and their consequences, discuss the law and the extent of the duty. (regarding this scenario)

scenario 2: 

You work as a Human Resources (HR) representative for a medium-sized Internet/cable company in the United States. Today you are meeting with Kyle, who is the new manager of a team of 150 customer service representatives.

Kyle tells you that five of his female customer service reps have provided him with documented proof that they have repeatedly been passed over for promotion, while men with fewer years of experience and fewer skills were promoted instead.

So, this is over Employment Law, that covers the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that has created the administrative agency known as the EEOC, the equal employment opportunity commission.  This agency writes the law, adjudicates the cases that cover discrimination in the market place and the various impacts on equal opportunity in the market place.  The various factors they monitor include the age, race, sex, and religion issues that have continue to evolve.

discuss what good dynamic that they provide, and it may include an employer who does not particularly care for employees of a certain.., yes, you can fill in the blank be it race, religion, sex, or age. 

3.  Why is careful hiring a key to strategic success today? What problems are associated with hiring the wrong person?