Recognition of prior learning assessment (IT Audit and Risk Management)


As an IT professional, I am taking a skill assessment under the recognition of prior learning assessment will be required with by a skill assessment body.

I have six years of relevant work experience in the IT Audit, IT Risk Management, and internal controls testing domain in my past work history.  I am required to demonstrate how I acquired MY Information and Communication Technology knowledge by submitting 2 Project Reports. Each report must describe a career episode in your employment history with sufficient detail of evidence in applying the claimed ICT knowledge in a working situation. The projects must relate to the employment being assessed. Of the two reports, one must apply to a project undertaken within the last three (3) years and the other to a project within the previous five (5) years. Sufficient detail must be provided to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your ICT knowledge gained during your ICT employment. The Recognition of Prior Learning Project Report must not be plagiarized.