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Topic Specified: “Why did the Treaty of Versailles Fail?”

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please write an outline of the paper on “Why did the Treaty of Versailles Fail?”

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Title PageIntroduction Introduce the treaty and the structure of the paper. (1 Page)

History of the Law Discuss World War I and the peace negotiation that resulted in the treaty. (3 Page)

What is in the Law What did the law try to do? Who were the parties? Ratification issues? etc. (4 Pages)

1. -Change in Territory

2. -Exclusion of Germany from the negotiations

3. -Restrictions on Germany

4. -Reparations

Analyze the Law Was the law effective? Use evidence of its success or failure. (5 pages)

Discuss interwar years events such as multiple violations of the treaty.Discuss the domestic consequences of the treaty (rise of Nazi Germany).

World War II

Conclusion (I Page)