Feb 24h 

This assignment will the proposal for the final assignment you will write in this course. You are required to introduce the topic you are planning to write final paper on, present a research question, reflect on preliminary observations and create an annotated bibliography.

More details will be discussed in class.

Assignment is composed of 2 parts:

1. Mini-proposal, double spaced, ~500-600 words (10%):

Title of your research project

1st paragraph:

· Research question

· Provide brief contextualization/description of the topic and explain why this research is important to conduct.

2nd paragraph:

Provide ethnographic observations to support your description of the research topic and your research question.

Third paragraph:

· Explain why you are in a good position to conduct this research (reflexivity).

· Brief note on research design (5 interviews with xyz people, 2-3 weeks of participant observations at xyz student club)


2. Annotated bibliography (5%):

100-word annotations 3 academic sources that you will be using in the final paper. These should be strictly academic sources. (strict word count).

Each entry should explain:

· What is the topic? Brief summary.

· How is it relevant to my research project?

· How does its main argument contribute to my research and my argument?

· How will I use this source in my proposal?