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discussion 1

Maricruz Alferez

3/30/24, 5:57 PM

When introducing new software to an organization, choosing the right presentation software is crucial for effectively conveying information and engaging the audience. Among the overabundance of options available, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Numbers and Prezi are popular program choices. Overall, all programs are great, however the one I would choose would be Microsoft PowerPoint.

For the goal of introducing new software, Microsoft PowerPoint is a strong contender due to its widespread use, familiarity, and comprehensive features. PowerPoint offers robust functionality for creating visually appealing slides, incorporating multimedia elements, and delivering clear explanations. Its compatibility with various devices and easy sharing options makes it suitable for disseminating information across the organization.

To ensure the effectiveness of the presentation, focus on features like clear and concise content, engaging visuals, and interactive elements. Incorporating live demonstrations or interactive simulations can help the audience understand the new software better. Additionally, utilizing PowerPoint’s animation and transition features can enhance engagement and retention of key information. Overall, leveraging PowerPoint’s capabilities effectively can facilitate a successful introduction of new software to the organization.

Discussions 2

Shania Hunter

3/29/24, 2:06 AM


The presentation software I decided to use was Prezi. Once I got familiar with the software, I instantly went towards it anytime I could use it. Although you may have a monthly subscription, it is more than worth it. The goal that I would like to achieve with this software would be selling a specific product. The features that would make the goal effective for the audience would be how interactive it is. What is special about Prezi is that it is bright and new, and pulls you into what can come next in the presentation and that is because of how the templates are set up and how unique and rare they are compared to other presentations. Most software are “slide” shows as Prezi is animated and keeps you intrigued as you and the audience travel through the product. You can also have a template that represents the product as well. It is also easier to break down concepts and understand them. However, the biggest point to being an audience member is to feel guided and that I can interpret the message being delivered and I believe that can be achieved with Prezi with or without a presenter.