Response to 2 articles

I have 2 different articles and I would like a single-spaced page essay for each article (No more than 1 single-spaced page for each article). Please engage with the reading more in a personal manner such as if the knowledge in the article is new to you or if it is not new what do you think about the author’s perspective? How do you relate this to other classes you took, your faith tradition/worldview, etc. Please note that I have an Islamic background and I have taken a world religion class before studying the most famous religions in different parts of the world.

First Response for Abu-Lughod Article:


1. According to Lila Abu-Lughod what is wrong with War on terrorism (in Afghan case) that is justifying itself to liberate and save Muslim women?

2. What is the general discourse about veiling in West and how Abu-Lughod is critical of this discourse?

3. Do Muslim women need saving? According to Abu-Lughod what is a more productive approach in understanding and solving problems of Muslim women?

Second Response for Wadud Article:


1. What is her methodology in understanding the Quran?

2. How Wadud discuss the origins of humankind?

3. How the Quranic story of creation of (also the story of first sin) Adam and Eve is different from Bible?