Resume and Cover Letter

Cover letter :DO NOT APPLY FOR AN INTERNSHIP! You will NOT receive credit for your cover message/letter if you apply for an internship. TYPE A CUSTOMIZED, PERSUASIVE COVER LETTER to accompany your resume [aim letter at a FULL-TIME JOB for which you would be qualified AFTER graduation; READ Cover Letter Guide (MTSU Career Development Center at D2L Course Content, Chapter 15) and follow guidelines for writing a letter applying for a job that has been announced (solicited)].

College Resume : DO NOT PREPARE A RESUME FOR AN INTERNSHIP! You will NOT receive credit for an internship resume. TYPE RESUME (aim it at a FULL-TIME JOB–you can find a real job ad and use it OR you can “make it up”); upload Resume file to corresponding Dropbox at D2L course site; REVIEW MTSU Career Development Center handout (available at D2L Content) on Resumes (Chapter 15 in Content) and follow those guidelines for creating an appropriate resume for a new college graduate.

Im Aerospace student for the resume. All info is included in the files below. Rubrics and instruction