resume and cover letter

Using the resources provided through the , develop a resume and cover letter for a position of interest. Include a copy of the job description you selected.

Grading Criteria Written Assignments

  • An A resume and cover letter will be clean of errors, have consistent formatting, and demonstrate a clear connection to the position.
  • A B resume and cover letter will be fairly clean of errors, be fairly consistent in formatting, and demonstrate a slight connection to the position.
  • A C resume and cover letter will have more mechanical, grammatical errors, and formatting issues than an A or B resume and cover letters. C resumes may be those that were created using a template found through Word or other platforms.
  • A D resume will have poor mechanics, include grammatical errors, and have significant formatting issues and inconsistencies.
  • An F resume is likely incomplete, will have a severe amount of errors, and will convey a disconnection between the job posting and the written materials.