School ImprovementMath Focus

Helen TaylorMES/SES Instructional Coach

ECSU MSA Student ELPS 698: Internship & Capstone II

Final ProjectNovember 2021


Goal of Project

❖ Focus on math instruction and assessment❖ Analyze data to look at next steps❖ Identify any instructional gaps which exist due to the

pandemic, school closures, or other factors❖ Improve math instructional practices and use of

resources to remediate and enrich our students❖ Grow our students as mathematical thinkers and




❖ District Math Resource Documents❖ Instructional Frameworks❖ Strategies & Resources❖ Digital Tools❖ Supportive Walkthroughs❖ Professional Learning Communities


Professional Learning Communities

❖ School Level PLCs➢ Learning Outcomes aligned to Standards➢ Instructional Strategies➢ Resources & Tools➢ Data Analysis

❖ District Level PLCs➢ Facilitate 3rd -5th Math PLC➢ Updates & General Information➢ Professional Articles➢ Discussion


Data & Assessments

❖ Information on Assessments➢ District Cluster Assessments➢ NC Check-Ins➢ EOGs

❖ Data Collection❖ Analyzing Data❖ Next Steps

➢ Not Meeting to Exceeding Expectations


Programs & Digital Tools❖ Desmos

➢ Four Function Calculator➢ Math Activities

❖ DreamBox➢ Online math program with adaptive learning engine

❖ First In Math➢ Online math program approved for intervention and enrichment➢ Piloted last year and purchased this year


Remediation & Enrichment

❖ Think about next steps ❖ Use of Acadience Math screener❖ Achieve the Core – coherence map❖ Tools 4 NC Teachers – Next Steps Document

➢ Tasks and Assessments❖ Choice Boards & Links


Moving Forward

❖ Continue focus on core instructional strategies ❖ PLC support at school and district level❖ Analyze additional data and think next steps❖ Provide necessary professional development


Thank you!


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