Scratch, you want to make it? Let’s do it – I’m walking backwards –

To create a Scratch project, here are the specific details you can follow:

1. Create a Scratch Account: First of all, create a Scratch account on the official Scratch website ( By having an account, you can save, share, and edit your projects.

2. Select Creation Mode: After logging in, select “Create” to start creating a new project in Scratch.

3. Select Characters and Background: Select the characters or sprites you will use in your project, as well as the appropriate background.

4. Add Code Blocks: Use Scratch code blocks to make characters move, interact, and perform various other actions. You can drag and drop code blocks from the panel on the right of the screen.

5. Arranging Code Block Order: Arrange code blocks in the desired order to create logic and storyline in your project.

6. Test Project: Test your project by pressing the “Flag” button to see how your project runs. If there are errors or corrections needed, go back and adjust the code blocks as necessary.

7. Save and Share: Once finished, give your project a title, save it, and share your project with others by clicking the “Share” button.

By following the steps above, you can create creative and interesting Scratch projects. Feel free to experiment and explore the features available in Scratch to create unique and fun projects.