Compose a 9-page   PDF in screenplay format: i.e., an imaginary scene, in which Socrates engages in a conversation inspired by one of the topics below. You must also append a 10th page with an annotated research bibliography on your topic chosen from the list below. Socratic dialogue composition instructions are found in the  . Upload your PDF Socratic dialogue script to Moodle by midnight Feb 24. 

Dialogue sample (note document format): 

Assignment: Imagine a dialogue in which Socrates discusses an ethical issue chosen from this list of topics:

· Abortion

· Euthanasia

· Animal rights

· Capital punishment

· Wartime ethics

· Consumerism

· Environmentalism

· Global poverty

· Labor rights

· Techno-culture


Transcribe your imaginary dialogue according to the document format illustrated above. 

Upload your Socratic Dialogue to Moodle as a PDF. 

(PDF is preferred, but Word is okay, even though it tends to have formatting problems).

People You May Know (documentary): 

Dis/Informed (documentary):