Solving Problems and Solutions

For the Module 2 section of the course research project, we will examine how EBM is used to solve problems and create solutions.

First, find two relevant global issues that are impacting businesses today. This can be almost anything from labor shortages, inflation, logistics issues, working remotely, the economy, health and safety, etc.

Second, thoroughly explain the specific two problems with an in-depth and descriptive overview of the issues involved and why they are actually global business problems.

Third, create solutions to solve the two global issues (you previously identified). Please be detailed and specific with your solutions, explaining why they would work and how they would work.

Fourth, please ensure your answers/paper is a minimum of two full pages of written content, with a separate reference page, for a total of three pages (minimum).

There should be a minimum of three outside sources correctly cited and referenced in APA format as part of this second paper.