Standardized Patient interview reflection

 Submit your Individual SP Interview reflection using this link. Make sure to address all 4 questions. You can type your reflecting into the text box; no seperate document needed. Due by midnight after class. 

  1. You just completed your first individual Standardized Patient interview, what are some of the initial thoughts and feelings that come to mind? 
  2. Describe something you did well? How did it make you feel?
  3. Give an example of something you would do differently next time.  
  4. Based on your experience what is something you will bring into your future practice as nursing student?
  5. something specific that was asked/said/spoken about … and their reaction to it. 

Empathy, caring, and compassion are essential skills that build a strong nurse patient relationship. Imagine what it would be like to be a new nursing student who has been hospitalized for injuries from a major car accident. You were told the fracture in your right leg will require complicated surgery to repair and extensive rehab to recover. There is a question as to whether you will ever regain full use of this leg. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Tonight you are alone in your hospital room and the night nurse has just come in.Write a short paragraph (8-10 sentences with a topic sentence) reflecting on this patient experience. Make sure your paragraph includes: 

  • Identify 3 expectations of your night nurse to provide you with symptom management and/or emotional support.  
  • How could the nurse show empathy, caring, and compassion (consider verbal and non-verbal communication)?