STG-390. WK2 DQ1. 150-200 1ORDS

Research diversity in your chosen field. Report the current diversity levels and suggest 2 ways to improve diversity levels in that field.

(Chosen field is database administration)


A Ariel Fuller

The diversity in information technology field helps to a wonderful culture that brings different ideas to the table, and it comes from people all over the world (McSorley, 2022).  There are multiple ways to look at the diversity including the gender, and race of each individual that work in the field (Daley, 2022). The gender is the main problem in every field, and it is being more discussed. The women takes up 53% of the workforce, and the numbers are coming from 50% of the stem fields (Daley, 2022). The tech and engineering fields has a long delay from the rest of stem stem crowds. The race in this field has another diverse role because it is divided by the different racial groups, in fact the number of black and Hispanics employees in the tech companies is extremely low and it only makes up one to three percent of the tech workforce  (Daley, 2022). This article also mention that 83 percent of the race in this field white individuals

   (Daley, 2022). The main two ways to help improve the diversity in this field is to find individuals that are more diverse and that is not in teens. The second thing is to talk to the leaders and see how can the company become better and to bring more people in from each race, race, and people who can multitask. 

B Aminata Mansaray

Male employees have traditionally dominated the field of information technology, but over the past few years, there has been a growing trend toward diversity and inclusion in the tech industry (Carter et al., 2020). However, the progress has been slow, and there is still a long way to go in achieving diversity in this field.

Two approaches can be taken to improve diversity levels in the information technology field. Firstly, companies can invest in diversity and inclusion initiatives targeting underrepresented groups in tech, such as women and people of color (Carter et al., 2020). These initiatives can include mentorship programs, employee diversity training, and offering support for diverse candidates during the hiring process.

Secondly, companies can also actively work to create a culture that values and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This can include implementing flexible work arrangements, offering diversity and inclusion training, and providing a safe and supportive environment for employees from diverse backgrounds to thrive in (Carter et al., 2020). By taking these steps, companies in the information technology field can help to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and that the industry better reflects the diverse communities it serves.

C Michael Wayand

In the cyber security field according to Aspen Digital Tech “underrepresented groups such as Black (9%), Hispanic (4%) and Asian (8%) professionals make up an increasingly low percentage of the industry. While women comprise of only 24% of the cybersecurity workforce. (WEF, 2021)” I think part of the issue is the barrier to entry for cyber security jobs. It is extremely challenging to even land a first job because of needing several qualifications. I believe we could offset this if recruiters focused on looking at traits, and then investing into those people with proper training, similar to our military. Organizations should prioritize diversity, and inclusion by taking care of the people already in the industry, as well as helping improve development with things such as childcare and paid family leave. It looks like there is ongoing efforts such as CyberBase trying to help Women get involved with more Security and Privacy via scholarship funding and training.