Thales of MiletusThe First Philosopher 

First of the Seven Sages of Greece!Founder of Philosophy!First to question the origins of the universe.Developer of 5 mathematic theories

Who is Thales

Thales Ideas

The EarthThe earth is spherical and at rest. It is

also surrounded by water and haswood properties. This is how the

earth floats on water. (Rusu)


Water is the OriginEverything is full of water. All things

emerge from water and all things willreturn to water. (O'Grady)

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Earthquake TheoryWhen earthquakes happen it is

merely  the movements of the oceansand their roughness around the

earth. (O'Grady)

To study under Thales is to follow an open mindset and to question thecommonalities of life. If you believe that there is more to the world thanthe chaotic nature of the gods, then you have come to the right place.

There are answers to the universe that you can only find when youopen your mind to observation and reason. Thales has founded many

different things to include multiple mathematic and scientific theories.He is a well established as a philosopher and is the first of the Seven

Sages of Greece. There is no better choice in a leader than that of Thalesof Miletus. 

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In an isosceles triangle the bases areequal. The angle in a semicircle is aright angle. If two straight lines cut

each other they make vertical anglesequal to one another. (Rusu)