Organizations must establish new processes, or modify their current ones, to support the implementation of enterprise-wide business information systems. In other words, organizational change is necessary to promote a process-oriented culture to drive value from business information systems. After all, the goal of the process-oriented organization is to reduce human error and increase organizational effectiveness. 

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the following video:
    • BPMOGmbH. (2021, January 11). [Video]. YouTube.
      Time Estimate: 5 minutes 
  • Then, consider the organization where you work (or one at which you have worked in the past). Does/did your organization have a process-oriented culture or a more function-oriented culture (a more traditional approach in which the structure is aligned based on functions such as sales, production, etc.)?


Post an analysis of your selected organizations culture as being more function-oriented or process-oriented as well as your thoughts about the advantages and disadvantages of having a process-oriented culture. Use the video and other resources to support your analysis as follows:

  • Classify your selected organizations culture as being either process-oriented or function-oriented and provide examples to support your classification.
  • The video seems to be advocating for a process-oriented culture to enhance business operations. Do you agree that there should be a push for a process-oriented culture? What are the pros and cons of having a process-oriented culture? Are there any aspects of a function-oriented culture that would benefit your (or any) organization?