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The Role of HR in theOrganization

The role of HR in the organization is to develop strategy for human

resources that aligns with the larger business strategy, to contribute to

the creation of the business strategy, and to help other business functions

in their strategic roles. There are many internal and external factors that

influence the role of HR, such as globalization, changes in the workforce

and in the workplace, increased accountability, and increased focus on


Within an organization, HR may fall under Finance or Management, or it

may be a department of its own.

Let's take a look at some of the other functions in an organization:

In general, executive management is responsible for the overall

organizational performance.

Finance and accounting departments plan for, account for, document, and

distribute financial resources according to the organizational strategy.

Marketing helps to bring in information about customers, sales, and

competitors, as well as to guide the organization's position in the market.

Management, or operations, is responsible for logistics, planning and

distributing resources.

The Role of HR in the Organization

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IT makes business intelligence available and manages systems for

effectiveness and efficiency.

HR is a cross‐functional role that serves as a bridge between the different

functions, helps align human capital with business strategies, and

manages the life cycle of employees.

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The Role of HR in the Organization…

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