every paper needs a thesis, and in your essay, this thesis should appear as the lastsentence of your introduction.

This thesis needs to have two components: a FOCUS (the aspect of the two texts youressay will focus on to provide evidence for your argument) and, most importantly anARGUABLE ASSERTION (the argument you are making about the two texts).

This concept of your assertion needing to be arguable is a key one. Only a statementthat can be disagreed with is truly arguable, so you can’t say something so simple thatany reader could see it in the text. Having an ARGUABLE ASSERTION requires goinginto depth into the text and staking a strong position on it.

TEMPLATE FOR THESIS: You are not required to word your thesis in this way, but I’mgoing to offer you a very simple template for thesis construction to show you howFOCUS and ARGUABLE ASSERTION work together.


So, an example would be something like:

By depicting the conflicting forces affecting Anthony and Brianna's art careers, NiaDaCosta suggests that the way to promote social change in art is to…. [somethingsomething].

Okay, so your assignment is to choose which of the two films you are going to chooseas the subject of your first essay and to take a stab at what you think your thesis mightbe. This is just a guess (a hypo-thesis), so you are just experimenting here. You do nothave to use this thesis in your final essay. Try to create a good thesis loosely followingthe above template, and you'll receive full credit.