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Question: The Suez Crisis

Why did President Nasser of Egypt nationalize the Suez Canal, and why did the US refuse to support Britain, Israel & France in their effort to bring down President Nasser in 1956 and retake the canal? Was it the right decision? Why or why not?

You are expected to answer all sides of the question.


· Response should be 600 words without subheadings, titles, or footnotes .

· Make sure to use footnotes and to add a "List of Sources" at the end of your essay. List of Sources: Be sure to add a "List of Sources" at the end of your essay, in which you list all the sources that you cite. Each article must be referenced in full. Consult the website of the Chicago Manual of Style to do this correctly. Make sure you cite internet sources correctly as well.

· These papers should be grammatically and syntactically correct and without typographical errors. Include the question you are answering on the title page so both you and I will be sure which question you are addressing. Special attention will be given to the thesis paragraph. Make it succinct and preview how you will argue your paper. Always end with a concluding paragraph that sums up your argument.


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Watch this 57 minute BBC documentary about Suez –

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