To locate and attend an AA and NA meeting online

  • (1)Locate an open AA and NA meeting;
  • (2)Attend the meeting;
  • (3)Provide evidence of attendance to the meeting; and
  • (4)Answer the following questions associated with AA/NA meeting.
    1. The organization/persons sponsoring the meeting.
    2. The date and time of the meeting.
    3. A brief history, purpose, and characteristic of the meeting from the literature, didactic information resource please give background and statistics on this addiction (provide reference).
    4. A comparison of your observations/experiences with your findings in the literature, didactic resources.
    5. Your assessment of the effectiveness of this modality. Answer if would you suggest this program and Why
    6. Attach any material proof of attendance.

Guidelines: Your answer is to be a maximum of three (3) pages typed for each meeting (AA and NA) attended with the following information:

Your experience and observations of the meeting.

Identify if the program you chose have the attributes of the 10 fundamental components of recovery identified by the US Department of Human Services, if so explain.

7. Please use correct grammar and present scholarly writing.

Example Sites of aa meetings(copy & paste link into browser):